Imperfect, Upcycled Fruit

Imperfect, Upcycled Fruit

You can count on us to use 100% real, good quality, natural fruit to add bursts of flavour in your healthy snack. Savour the sweetness and texture with every bite while helping to reduce food waste! 

We use only 100% natural, real strawberry, pineapple, peach, cranberry and apple fruit chunks in our chocolate that are preservative-free and sugar-free. With this quality dehydration process, we preserve all of their original nutrients, flavours and colours. Our apples, cranberries and peaches are all sourced from the fall harvest right in the provinces of Canada, so you know they are great quality fruit that carry a small ecological footprint!

What are upcycled fruit?

Remix Snacks goes even further in the sustainability scene because we create our snacks with imperfect, upcycled fruit. These are good quality fruit that are rejected at the distribution food chain because they do meet the high cosmetic or aesthetic standards consumers have for produce. For example, apples might not be perfectly round and peaches might not be completely red, but they are still great quality, and have the same nutritional content. In fact, more than 58% of produce grown in Canada is wasted, with more than 40% of that occurring due to imperfections being discarded. 

By supporting us, you are also helping to reduce food waste. To date, we have saved over 925 lbs of fruit from being thrown out in landfills!

You'll love the light, delicately crisp texture of the apples, the tartness and sweetness of the dried cranberries, and chewy, sweet peaches, the tropical and tangy pineapple pieces, and the fruity, ripe-tasting strawberries...  all surrounded by the aromas and satisfying crunch of the bean-based fine dark chocolate. Here's to healthy chocolate and nutritious snacks!


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