Proprietary Bean Blend

Proprietary Bean Blend

Discover our proprietary black bean recipe that is developed by dietitians, to bring you with the optimal nutrition you need in a satisfying, satiating snack.

    Together with the satisfying crunch of our bean-based snack, you'll find yourself with a perfect texture combination for a delicious, nutritious snack that keeps you full. Have such a great source of fibre and protein in your chocolate also helps with regulating blood sugar and avoiding sugar spikes. With Bean Bark, this is where healthy chocolate meet high protein snacks.

    Why do we use beans with chocolate instead of the more commonly used- nuts? We found a multitude of winning benefits with this trending plant-based protein. Nutritionally, beans are lower in fat, they cannot go rancid (meaning longer shelf-life) and they contain more fibre and iron than nuts. Beans are more sustainable and environmentally friendly because they are grown locally in Canada, and takes much less water to grow than nuts do. Did you know that it takes one gallon of water to grow one almond and almost five gallons of water to grow one walnut??

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