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A high fibre, high protein snack with a delicious and satisfying snacking crunch. Made with upcycled carrots and ingredients that have reduced environmental impact.

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About our bean puffs


✔ Canadian-made bean puff

✔ Imperfect, real vegetables

✔ High in fibre

✔ Source of protein, source of iron

✔ No preservatives 

✔ Suitable for vegans

✔ No trans-fat & not fried

✔ Made with love by dietitians!


SMOKEY PAPRIKA Ingredients: Puff (Mung bean flour*, Sorghum flour*, Upcycled dehydrated carrots*), Seasoning (Smoked paprika*, Cane sugar*, Sea salt*, Dehydrated garlic*, Dehydrated onion*, Black pepper*, Paprika extract*), Canola oil. *Non-GMO

May contain: Milk

VEGAN CHEDD’R Ingredients:  Puff (Mung bean flour*, Sorghum flour*, Upcycled dehydrated carrots*), Seasoning (Sugars (Maltodextrin, Cane sugar*), Salt*, Dehydrated onion*, Paprika*, Smoked paprika*, Dehydrated garlic*, Sunflower oil*, Rice starch*, Natural flavour*, Yeast extract*, Turmeric extract*, Paprika extract*), Canola Oil. *Non-GMO

May contain: Milk

Nutrition facts

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Smoked Paprika

Vegan Chedd'r


You can count on us to use 100% real, good quality, natural vegetables.

Remix Snacks goes even further in the sustainability scene because we created Beanies with imperfect, upcycled carrots. These are good quality carrots that are rejected at the distribution food chain because they do meet the high cosmetic or aesthetic standards consumers have for produce. For example, they might not be perfectly smooth or orange, but they are still great quality, and have the same nutritional content. In fact, more than 58% of produce grown in Canada is wasted, with more than 40% of that occurring due to imperfections being discarded. 

Creation Story

Welcome to our savoury line. Remix Snacks originally began with creating chocolate bark, so you might ask: how does a chocolate snack company come up with the idea of creating a savoury snack puff? Great question! We always knew Remix Snacks was going to be so much more than just a chocolate snack company. Don't get us wrong, we LOVE chocolate, but we know that it's not for everybody (I know, shocker) Our mission is to create healthy snack alternatives that everybody can love. Beanies was an idea made from our own personal cravings (perks of running your own snack company) and what we saw people were asking for. Combine that with our mission of bean-based snacks and reducing food waste, and Beanies were born!